The shopping begins...........
2004-11-27 17:23:46 ET

Since i didn't drive out to my b/f's house due to the rain, I headed for the mall to start my x-mas shopping. I found cute jammies for my mum. And that was about it, I couldn't really shop as well as I would have liked since I had my sister and her 3 yr old come along with me. Most of the time was spent chasing after her and hoping that she wouldn't break anything. We went inside victoria's secret and she tested ever single eyeshadow they had not just on her eyes but all over her face. I threatened her with a time out and then she got rewarded with candy canes by the girls at the shop for doing a " great makeup job" . Pffftttt.
Oh, AND I fell in love with this adorable beagle ! He licked my face * swoon*

And I got tons of free goodies from Lancome. I bought my secret santa gift for work and I got the following : vinyl tote bag , makeup bag , mascara, lipstick, eyeshadow and an unmbrella for free. YAY.

2004-11-27 17:25:32 ET

I hate looking at pets because I always want another one.

Who gives free umbrellas?

2004-11-27 17:26:18 ET

LANCOME @ Robinsons May

2004-11-27 20:53:02 ET

I am terrified of dogs believe it or not. I am glad you had a good time shopping regardless. Hum. Less dogs and more cats though.

2004-11-28 09:06:37 ET

I like both dogs and cats , though that doesn't mean i'm not scared of large dogs.

2004-11-28 09:22:51 ET

I like big dumb dogs like Golden Retrievers, but the mean nasty big dogs are death on a leash.

2004-12-03 13:00:37 ET

Dogs sux0r, cats rul3. Shopping rox0rz.

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