2004-12-06 17:32:58 ET

I am not paying $65 to see VNV nation on NYE.

I'd rather stay home and eat cheese and crackers......

2004-12-06 17:34:33 ET

oh man i feel you. i want to have a cheese and crackers and champagne NYE pajama party. with movies.

2004-12-06 17:41:33 ET

As long as its not $65 dollars.

Clubs LOVE to rip people off on NYE, just because EVERYONE and their mother is dying to be somewhere.

I'm with you on the PJ's. My mervyn's hot pink PJ's with black poodles are ready.

2004-12-06 17:47:21 ET

If you go thru the ticket thing on the vnv site it is $45.

2004-12-06 17:51:50 ET

ehhh, I don't even remember paying more than $45 to see covenant.

I just don't think its worth it.

2004-12-06 18:00:26 ET

cheese does sound better than that.

2004-12-06 18:02:18 ET

cheese is excellent.
I can honestly say that I LOVE cheese.

2004-12-06 18:03:39 ET

me too.

2004-12-07 03:25:16 ET

Since I have never seen VNV I would pay that. Hell, I spend $65 on food for myself :P

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