2005-01-11 18:16:44 ET

I finally broke down and got a my space account.

2005-01-11 18:49:09 ET

hahaha yes!

2005-01-11 18:52:51 ET

I'm going to dork-out and add j00.

2005-01-11 18:53:02 ET

i was resisting for SO long

2005-01-11 23:30:14 ET

ooooh, add me on myspace, or at least tell me which email address you used so I can add you!

2005-01-12 06:40:51 ET

add me!

2005-01-12 08:16:45 ET

searching for j00 now. ha!

2005-01-12 08:44:00 ET

nooo! I am not going to join that site. I joined friendster I can't do myspace.

2005-01-12 10:20:54 ET

it's okay vasa, I got sucked into myspace too.

2005-01-12 18:01:24 ET

i joined friendster and I thought it was the stupidest thing ever ! thats why I didn't want to do the my space thing.




2005-01-13 10:05:31 ET

not nocstar, eh? ok ok

2005-01-20 18:50:14 ET


2005-01-24 17:08:48 ET

:( not so !

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