2005-01-13 17:34:02 ET

Some lady hit my car today :(
She rear ended me at a stop. Apparently she just went for it when the light turned green and failed to notice that the cars in front of her had not yet moved. Lucky I have a dent resistant bumper and no damage was done to my car . Though it made a really loud pop.

I took down all of her info and the lady didn't even have a drivers license !!! I HATE people like that !!

2005-01-13 17:35:20 ET

no insurence either?

2005-01-13 18:14:22 ET

I took the insurance info , though it didn't even seem like it was real. it was just a regualar cut out piece of paper , from a company i've never even heard of.

2005-01-13 18:18:04 ET

eek! .. Where I live, it's estimated that 50% of the people don't have insurence... scary thought, eh?

2005-01-13 18:20:37 ET

was your neck sore or anything?

hire a bunch of goons to take her gold teeth if she won't pay up!!

2005-01-13 18:45:00 ET


that would be awesome , No neck pain. But i was just getting over some serious back pain and I hope that todays incident won't bring that back.

2005-01-14 07:24:45 ET

That happened to me on the 101. Scary.

2005-01-14 13:14:35 ET

Any bumber movement can mess up your rear. You should file a claim with her insurance and take your car in.

2005-01-14 13:55:56 ET

--> if she filed a claim, her insurence rates would go up.. :-(

2005-01-14 21:43:27 ET

Lore: Don't say things like that . It makes me start getting paranoid.

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