2002-04-10 20:42:32 ET

*Does the hokey pokey *
*shakes it all about *

2002-04-10 20:45:20 ET

::whips out a dollar bill:: shake it baby! shake it!!!

2002-04-10 20:59:01 ET


2002-04-10 21:31:39 ET

Hey, where the hell is my lap dance, what was I forgotten er something--haHa---ahhhh sheesh

2002-04-11 12:42:03 ET

I see you baby,

shakin that ass
shakin that ass
shakin that ass

2002-04-11 18:59:49 ET

forgotten??? I always remember women with big frogs... or is it men with big.... n/m

2002-04-11 21:30:12 ET

put your....er well I was gonna type something.....but well with my mind bein' in the gutter and all.....might be best left up to ones....own.......er.....oh wow visuals...hhhhmmmmmmmmmm

2002-04-13 17:02:08 ET

What're are you gonna shake next?

2002-04-13 17:52:12 ET


2002-04-14 18:06:13 ET

the elbows ... put your right one in, etc.

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