shopping for furniture is annoying
2005-06-21 18:56:28 ET

So I haven't been online alot lately, to many things going on.

I've been living with my sister for a while now.. but finally after a very long wait........... I have an apartment to call my own ! Kevin and I found an awesome place in Fullerton. Its a townhouse style apartment with 2 beds rooms and 1 1/2 baths. I'm so in love with it !

Now i just have to find a job in the area. :/ I'm not to worried about that though.

I'm SO happy !

Oh, and we're also looking to sell a set of drums... So if any of you know anyone, have them contact me. I'll post some pics soon.

2005-06-21 19:04:48 ET

do you have the symbols? (sp?) i know someone looking to buy those

2005-06-21 19:07:30 ET

yes, we do and they're in excellent condition .

2005-06-21 19:11:09 ET

talk to him because he is getting back to the L.A. area tomorrow and in MUCH need of some :)

2005-06-21 19:45:52 ET

If you can give me specs and info on the drums with pictures I might pass it along to some people who are interested.

I was in LA and you missed me! I saw Syko and Axo though :D

2005-06-21 20:12:36 ET

Congrats on your new living space with your man!

2005-06-22 07:03:11 ET

yay for you and your livin' arrangements! :)

now, come out to L.A. sometime! :P

2005-06-24 19:59:42 ET

Thanks guys !

All of you will deffinately have to come down when I finally have somewhere for you SIT. :/

Not owning anything really blows.
VAsa : I told ausp about your post and he said he would take pics this weekend. He will also put something together as far as a description.

2005-06-27 07:45:54 ET

just sew bean bags! You must have some beans lying around. :P

2005-06-28 18:44:22 ET

I actually have 2 beans bags at the moment !

2005-06-28 18:45:39 ET


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