drums for sale
2005-07-17 20:50:36 ET

Yamaha Stage Custom Drums

10, 12, and 14 toms, with a 22 bass drum
14 Yamaha Steel snare

Zildjian cymbals:
13 K hi-hats
17 K Dark crash Med. Thin
19 K Dark crash Thin
20 K Custom Med. Thin

Yamaha DFP880 Double Bass pedal
TH 940 Double Tom holder
HS 740 (similar to) Hi-Hat stand
SS 940 Snare Drum Stand
3x CS 845 Double Braced Cymbal Stand with Boom
MS Black Manual Spindle Roc-N-Soc cloth, adjustable drum throne

Also include Tama Rhythm Watch metronome

Everything in excellent, like-new condition. $1350

I have tons of pictures. So if you want to see anything in particular I can e-mail them, just let me know

2005-07-17 21:47:50 ET

will you only sell it as a whole or will you piece it out?

2005-07-18 09:26:49 ET

Sorry , I'm only looking to sell it as a whole. We thought about piecing it out , but i would be harder for us to sell the rest of it later.

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