2005-08-29 20:59:32 ET

I'm starting get some pudge and i'm not to happy about it. I want to work out but i'm just to lazy to do it. Maybe it'll magically go away :D

Today I walked around the mall and started to realize how much I miss my L>A friends. Even though I didn't see them every weekend it was nice to be able to do stuff with them every now and then.

2005-08-29 21:36:19 ET

A great counter balance is to become too lazy to eat as well. Then everything just works itself out.

2005-08-30 05:31:29 ET

pudge multiplies. beware!

2005-09-12 15:36:28 ET

a little pudge is cute. and soft.

2005-10-03 13:47:25 ET

I know what you saying about the pudge. I used to be soo skinny not that long ago, living back with my parents have given me quite the booty and boobs.. But I would say that a little bit of that is hot, as long as it does not get outta control.

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