:) x 1000
2005-11-28 13:35:50 ET

I just got back from Borders with ....... ta ta da da ! An New Xbox 360 !
NO lines , no people . No one even new borders sold it !

2005-11-28 13:37:19 ET

oh, THAT's a good purchase to burn away some pudge with. You'd better jog to L.A. and back, sistah! :P

2005-11-28 13:38:51 ET

AHAHAHA !!! :/
shush Axo .

2005-11-28 15:31:17 ET

borders? the bookstore borders?

2005-11-28 16:17:42 ET

Yes the book store. The one I went had a shipment on backorder and my bf and I called almost everyday to check if it was in. So When i got there today The ups man had just dropped them off. They got six and sold them in 30 mins.

2005-11-28 16:21:14 ET

Woah, you're a gamer chick?

2005-11-29 09:16:11 ET

Lamer chick, more like! :P!!!!

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