2002-07-23 10:22:54 ET

I need to think of something to write about ....

2002-07-23 10:24:58 ET

mew mew mew :)
how is aus doin' these days? how many years of college does he have left?
as a dental assistant, do yuo have access to all those rad teeth stickers?

2002-07-23 10:25:02 ET

yes, then you could write up entries for me to peruse in my free time... ;-P
hmmm...i'd say it's always good to write about something that interests you.

2002-07-23 10:32:22 ET

syko : Ausp is doing fine , he has 1 yr left at UCLA . which is awesome . I'm so proud of him !
Rad teeth stickers ? Like the ones we give the kids " keep your smile bright ", "remember to floss " type things ?

2002-07-23 10:33:10 ET

Furax : i have nothing exciting to really write about , i am currently redecorating my entire room .. when i am finished , i will attempt to take pics

2002-07-23 10:38:36 ET

i love those stickers!

2002-07-23 10:38:44 ET

vix, tell me what some of your interests are and i'll help you think of things to write about ;-P

2002-07-23 10:40:14 ET

sparky : i can send you some of the ones we have if you like , we had "teeth box " necklaces but we ran out

2002-07-23 10:45:34 ET

how about your love of the conan? just a simple suggestion...

2002-07-23 10:48:42 ET

Conan is awesome . to bad he is married now

2002-07-23 12:57:44 ET

I love Conan too. Such a great person. Funny and Irish.

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