I'm not good at subjects ....
2006-01-13 08:32:21 ET

I guess I just need to vent a little and this is probably as personal as I've ever gotten on an online journal.
Lately I've been getting really pissed off at my b.f. He spends all freakin day playing World of warcraft. I'm seriously tired of this, it's gotten to the point where I have to plan my day around the stupid game. I don't want to go into detail or anything but I'm truely seriously ready to explode.

Maybe I should go home for like a weekend, not my home but my parents or my sisters.

Another thing I want a god damn computer. I paid half for that monster upstairs and I don't even get to use the stupid thing. I don't get to talk to anyone anymore since most of my friends are on-line or live in L.A. and I can't even Hang out with anyone local Cuz I don't fuckin know anyone local yet. Sometimes I feel like going upstair and cutting each and every one of the cables on that damn thing.


2006-01-13 08:40:25 ET

Word. MMORPGs are dangerous if people let their personal life slide. You should put your foot down and tell him he needs to think about other things or you could get a computer and play World of Warcraft with him! That is wierd.

2006-01-13 08:46:28 ET

VASA ! NO ! lol

He's actually suggested that !

I'm not going to spend six hours playing that after work, he doesn't even have dinner with me anymore.

2006-01-13 08:50:50 ET

that is messed up. I would try telling him how you feel neglected or offer an alternative.. "you can play your game but I don't want you to ignore me" Basically tell him you are fed up. Believe me, it's a common occurence with MMORPGs.

You could also call your ISP and cancel the service :P

2006-01-13 08:54:14 ET

I think canceling the service would instantly result in DEATH. My death.....

2006-01-13 13:24:56 ET

I thought about joining that for an hour, and then pictured no dinner, movies, fun sweaty snugglebunnies, no time at all, with the gf. No thanks!

Come out for fun in L.A.! You can always crash with one of us. One of us! one of us!

2006-01-13 13:26:49 ET

I'm thinking of leaving saturday nights and not coming home. ha!

2006-01-13 13:44:43 ET

I actually play a MMORPG sometimes. It's a nice balance from other things and since most of my co-workers or former bandmates are in the same "corporation" it's fun. I also like the fact I can play and hour and make progress then log off and go read a book! It's just about finding a balance really.

2006-01-13 14:06:52 ET

yah come hang out with us. ahh he's an addict. that is soo sad. things were going so well for you guys. time to lay down the law!

2006-01-13 20:43:42 ET

I could never get into the obsessive videogame thing, or the online game thing, maybe it just seems like a waste of time, I would rather be reading honestly, I know, what a dork! Heh, maybe you can hold something he values ransom until he gets off the bloody computer and spends some time with you! ~_^
Where do you live exactly, I know how it is, being seperated from all my friends and everything that I know, not knowing anyone and frankly, not wanting to get to know any of them.

2006-01-14 07:13:49 ET

"Where do you live exactly, I know how it is, being seperated from all my friends and everything that I know, not knowing anyone and frankly, not wanting to get to know any of them"

ha ha ! well said. I moved out to Fullerton.

2006-01-14 09:57:33 ET

You could always dress like a character from the game. Then maybe you could get him to eat dinner with you and he wouldn't notice he wasn't still playing the game.

2006-02-06 14:33:58 ET

Oh darling I had the same problem once. I dated this one boy for quite a while, near the end of our relationship he develped an addiction to Final Fantasy 11. I only seen him on the weekends, he would spend the entire night playing that damn game instead of spending time with me. I know exactly how you feel, and that is quite awful!

2006-02-06 15:03:35 ET

I thought women could solve these problems by withholding teh sex.

2006-02-08 22:20:14 ET

axo , that never works for mee

2006-02-09 08:12:25 ET

Just kidding. Power plays don't work. But these kinds of problems require serious discussion. And if they can't be worked out through one-on-one discussion, they need to be taken to a couples therapist. And if that seems like a waste of money or otherwise pointless, then it's time to pull the plug, not on the game, but on teh boi.

Speaking as one who has gone to couples therapy...it's a worthwhile investment.

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