2006-02-15 18:54:50 ET

Lately I've been seeing this semi large group of people power walking up and down the street. I saw them again this week as I was coming home from work. Everytime I see them I want to walk out and join them ! Oh, Kevin and I bought dance dance revolution so that we could " work out " and uh so far.... it's not working out. Someone should start a goth/industrial power walking group or even work out group. I think I would be more motivated to work out if it was with a group of people. I know if I joined on my own,I would never go. Ever.

2006-02-15 19:19:57 ET

How funny. I've been walking a lot lately, usually to ebm and noize. The clubs sort of cover aerobics with the kung-fu overdrive/air traffic control/stomp hard in a circle dancing.

Anyway...I thought about the work out thing once, but it'd be hard to get people together.

2006-02-15 22:10:13 ET

Hmm, a semi large group of people all walking the same, or at least similarly...do not join them, they are probably zombies, heh. ;p
Working out is a great idea, if you just walk half an hour a day, you can stay fit and even lose weight, depending on your diet. I do a 100 crunches a day and walk whenever I can to stay in shape. Plus, I eat horrible low fat food constantly. >_<

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