2002-04-14 17:14:25 ET

I bought 2 new uniforms today,It seems everytime i buy uniforms , I can never find Lab coats in my size *pout* I shall have to wait. I also bought a punisher T-shirt i found at Jc-penny for only 9 bucks !!! I scored! For those of you who don't know the punisher , read up on marvel comics. I was trying to find some "at home sandals" I'm not sure what i want , i just want something i can slip on when i get home from work ....
i think i did a good job controlling myself as i am trying not to spend as much money as i used to. Last months bank statement showed that i spent about 900 dollars on crap. So i have decided no more clothing that i do not need , or any other things that i don't need for that matter, I will cut down on toys and junk food, this also means not buying Cd's every 2 weeks, I will cut down to once a month. I am also thinking of changing the plan on cell phone, there are cheaper plans now that have even more minutes than what i get down. I will not cut my DSL though, I refuse to!!!!

2002-04-14 17:26:55 ET

Congrats on the Punisher shirt score! And you shouldn't cut the DSL- you need that to liiiiiive ;)

2002-04-14 17:29:54 ET

hehehe its really neat ! its just the skull logo on a black shirt , size medium in boys !

2002-04-14 17:36:14 ET

Woo-Hoo, I have one of those, er well my kid does, I just wear it sometimes.

2002-04-15 19:41:13 ET

WOW punisher tshirt at JC PENNY?
who knew!!

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