2002-08-01 19:04:52 ET

after much pressure from my b/f and certain family members ... I went out today and took the written part of my driving test and I passed ! Now to take the driving test .......

2002-08-01 19:07:49 ET

you can do it you will past the test!!

2002-08-01 19:08:48 ET

I can do it ~!!!!

2002-08-01 19:19:41 ET

congrats. i take mine soon, too :)

2002-08-01 19:30:36 ET

YAY!!!! To Vix! *does the drivin' dance (witch is kinda like the happy dance only more like you're drivin')* :)

2002-08-01 19:32:38 ET

*watchs SiS and then does drivin dance* if we all do it she will pass with a high score

2002-08-01 19:47:32 ET

*spanks butt and mimes driving*

baby you can driiive my car--

beep beep, beep beep YEAH!!!

2002-08-01 19:58:59 ET


2002-08-01 21:02:03 ET

*Rubs axo's head for luck *

2002-08-01 21:25:22 ET

not the first time THAT's happened. I feel so Shinto and Buddhist now :)

hey vix, I failed the test my first time cuz I pulled out and made a speedy left in front of a car. So my advice is: drive like an old gramma. Be super careful.

The next time I got a 98/100. :)

2002-08-01 21:58:18 ET

will do axodude !

2002-08-02 00:19:28 ET

Good luck on the test!

2002-08-02 01:04:55 ET

good for you! :-D

2002-08-02 09:40:50 ET

thanks guys !

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