2002-04-17 19:26:22 ET

So... I'm bored I have been chating since i got home.
I have nothing better to do
I really hope i find a sweater this friday. I really need a plain simple cardigan sweater, none of this 3 quarter sleeve crap. I have yet to find one. FOr gods sake i even went to the GAP !! i have not checked abercombie and finch yet. I might have to. I have been searching much to long and i don't plan on giving up

2002-04-17 19:28:11 ET


2002-04-17 19:34:18 ET

What do you need this sweater for, if I might ask?

2002-04-17 19:35:24 ET

no reason , i just had one and i recently threw it away it was much to old

2002-04-17 19:37:31 ET

Oh ok, that's a good reason.

2002-04-20 20:30:29 ET

that and nycgoth have been down lately :(

2002-04-20 20:37:26 ET

w69 is Nycgoth ....hehehe

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