2002-08-12 19:26:48 ET

Lately i have been using crest whitestrips to whiten my teeth , and let me tell you .. they rock !!! I gave some to kevin to try them out . although they are 50 dollars a box well almost 50 with tax they are well worth it. I have professional bleaching kits at home from the office but getting bleaching trays seemed like to much of a hassel and my boss is SO cheap that i would get charged for the trays even if i took the impressions myself. I have yet to know what results kevin got from his first placement or if he's even tried them. BUt for anyone else who has wondered about them , they work great ! They have stronger bleaching strips available thru your dentists if you think you need something stronger , which is neat

2002-08-12 19:28:35 ET

i think my teeth are pretty white considering that i smoke especially :-P

oh, and my little brother got a job as a dentists assistant and now he makes more money then i do...punk
...well it was only because he had bad teetha and had to go to the dentist so much that he learned how everything worked

2002-08-12 19:31:04 ET

Nice teeth for a nice smile of a nice girl :)

2002-08-12 19:57:57 ET

LOL furax , yes you are first .. hehe
And good for your brother ! My teeth weren't white , they just weren't the kind of white i wanted , I had more of an off white .

AWWWW thanks MAlkavian !!!

2002-08-12 19:59:33 ET

yeah i'm mad that both of my younger brothers got jobs that pay more then mine...they're both moking over $12/hour and i'm not

2002-08-12 20:02:48 ET

Don't worry furax as soon as you are out of school, I'm sure you will be making twice as much

2002-08-12 20:04:12 ET

in my dreams...i really would hope so :-\

2002-08-12 20:07:52 ET

Clean teeth rule!

2002-08-12 20:11:26 ET

yes clean teeth do rock ! Its yummy kissing someone right after they have brushed their teeth

2002-08-12 20:11:32 ET

I wash my teeth everyday!

2002-08-13 07:23:18 ET

I brush everyday, but my teeth are still just a little discolored. Thanks. I will definitly try them out :)

Furax~I didn't start making 12/hr until I got out of school. I think you'll make a lot more upon graduation. It doesn't seem that way at the time, but trust me.

2002-08-13 09:02:34 ET

hey, Vix, how long do they last?

2002-08-13 10:10:05 ET

Axo : The box has a total of 56 strips , and your supposed to use them for 14 days . I saw results on the first day this is only my 4th day and they're pretty white already. ITs says the results should last up to 6 months and from there you do touch ups

2002-08-30 19:43:34 ET

You're such a bad influence. I bought my own lil' box of strips today based on this post. I'm about to do the second application, and already I think I can see a tiny difference. Thanks for the tip! :)

2002-08-30 19:55:29 ET

hehehe NO PROB !!! soon all of Sk.net will be doing it

2002-08-30 21:08:28 ET

Not me, I'm going to brush my teeth with sugar.

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