2002-08-15 21:19:54 ET

I drove to San Marino today..... practicing for the test is fun , especially if the instructor is your best friends Mom ...

2002-08-15 21:30:51 ET

no liscence?

2002-08-15 21:32:13 ET

Fun fun fun for the girl. I'm glad.

2002-08-15 21:50:13 ET

permit yes , license No

2002-08-15 21:55:02 ET



2002-08-15 21:56:45 ET

its taken me 2 yrs to build up the courage to start driving again .. so it is pretty crazy

2002-08-15 21:57:29 ET

Soon Vixy will be able to drive all by herself!

I have no idea how you survive here without a car. I thought that was a requirement!

2002-08-15 21:58:30 ET

Tasha , its pretty easy when you only work about 6 blocks away

2002-08-15 21:58:49 ET

I am terrified of buses and i will never EVER get on one

2002-08-15 22:01:29 ET

Buses! Why? well, you're right, sometimes many people starts staring at you when you're just geting inside, too many freak people too :P

2002-08-15 22:02:08 ET

what is a freak?

2002-08-15 22:04:37 ET

I don't know I am very paranoid and don't trust people . I became like this after i got held up . As for not driving for so long , that happened after i got hit by a car

2002-08-15 22:11:35 ET

i've been robbed some times, but only 2 times at gunpoint. i know they had a gun another time, but they never pulled it out cuz there was like 5 of them and 1 of me.

i trust people i know...strangers i don't care about.

2002-08-15 22:11:48 ET

A freak: whatever the hell you may want to be while it freaks you out.

Oh poor you! Vix. How was the hit?

2002-08-15 22:14:38 ET

void : the time i got held up included a gun .. Its not the nicest thing ...

Malk : it wasn't that great , I'm sure most hits aren't .. But if you want a little more detail ... The car first hit my legs which pushed me into the car . I broke the wind sheild with my head , flipped over the top of the car and landed flat one my back (thats why I have a bad back now )

2002-08-15 22:18:17 ET

Oh poor sweetie! Lets all damn the driver!

2002-08-15 22:22:42 ET

it's not nice to have a gun to your head, but they just use it to scare you so you can't take it too seriously.

2002-08-15 22:27:37 ET

You never know who you might be dealing with , so it should always be taken seriously

2002-08-15 22:28:59 ET

if you're non-threating and you just comply with whatever they want, they'd have no reason, desire or need to actually hurt you.

2002-08-15 22:29:51 ET

if you stare into someones eyes during the incident, you can get a pretty good feel for the situation and their mindstate at the moment and know how to react.

2002-08-15 22:45:16 ET

I was robbed once. at least it was an attempted robbery. the guy pulled a knife... I don't know what happened, but several seconds later he was down on the ground, his face bleeding, and my hand was cut pretty bad, but I was holding his knife... no idea how it all happened really. I was scared as hell though, cuz I had a feeling that I realised what I was doing a moment before I stabbed the poor bastard.

2002-08-15 22:49:03 ET

Olorin rules!

2002-08-16 09:16:02 ET

Sorry to hear about that unfortunate stuff Vix! Good luck with driving.

2002-08-16 09:34:34 ET

Thanks Sin

2002-08-17 05:11:50 ET

Malk: LOL, no, I frighten myself.
I should never have aken all those thaibox lessons

2002-08-18 14:57:48 ET

muay thai is ill, i was into it for a hot minute. i wanna learn a mixture of various stuff, some more ji-jitsu, some kempo, jeet kon do, capereia, shootfighting, ect...

2002-08-18 23:12:13 ET

I did kickboxing and judo, lots of judo. but the most effective was my experience of the whole school wanting toi beat me up for 3 years in a row, that really taught me how to kick ass.

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