2002-08-17 19:07:51 ET

I just found a post it note with Tashas # on it .. I have so many post it notes that sometimes i don't even know what they are

2002-08-17 19:51:41 ET

Cool! post more.

2002-08-17 19:53:20 ET

LOL , i'm throwing away most of them

2002-08-17 20:00:21 ET

No, create something interesting with them.

2002-08-17 20:08:29 ET

Hee hee! Yeah, I do the same thing Vixy- I have all this random bits of paper floating about with who knows what on them!

2002-08-21 01:09:37 ET

I always have to write things down. I have a bunch of papers and notepads saved on my desktop. post-it notes would be good for me

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