2002-04-21 20:37:29 ET

Strawberry Soda!
Your thoughts???

2002-04-21 20:39:48 ET

i don't like grape/orange/strawberry soda
too sweet/unnatural flavored

2002-04-21 20:46:30 ET

I like the grape and strawberry! Not the orange, yuck!
mmmmmmm.....Lime is the best, Green River....mmmmmm.

2002-04-21 21:31:23 ET

ohhh, I thought you wrote Strawberry Social...like an LA Sykomeet...

I grew up drinking Grape Crush! not orange. only occasionally. At the local deli.

Vix, is that you in the pic? hubba hubba! You are so stripey and feline. I mean the other picture.

2002-04-21 21:34:37 ET

Yes thats me ... i finally found a jpg .. * has a ho-down *

2002-04-21 21:36:18 ET

syko social !!! i miss syko :(
she needs to come back to LA so i can give her some cherry lovin !!! hehehe

2002-04-22 11:30:20 ET

mmm unnatural! :-P***

2002-04-30 16:02:35 ET

strwaberry soda is beyond me, but as a child,i drank strawberry milk.

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