2002-04-22 18:08:02 ET

YAY!!! http://www.nycgoth.com is back up ! I have something to do now !

2002-04-22 18:10:36 ET

aww, felt lonley without the admin gig? i think you just like being in a top position! :-P hehe i'm just kidding. i haven't been in there in a while though...

2002-04-22 18:41:22 ET

LOL !!! i think people online are starting to get to know me a bit TO well

2002-04-23 19:01:48 ET

uh oh...maybe you should defect back into the "real" world once in a bit?

2002-04-24 13:18:34 ET

we don't know you well enough here! I'll sneak rust into 7070 Hollywood blvd and we'll have the syko strawberry social! :D :D

2002-04-24 18:43:34 ET

:D ,sounds awesome
I was actually thinking about going this week .....

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