2002-08-23 11:50:47 ET

I hate car dealerships !!!

2002-08-23 11:55:01 ET

even the ones that give out free popcorn and balloons?

2002-08-23 11:55:10 ET

dealerships or the dealers?

2002-08-23 12:36:21 ET

My favorite dealership story is when I was looking for my first car. I figured out the 'secret' code in the stock number that contained the lowest they could go on each car. Each car was marked up about 50%. As soon as I found a car that interested me (which was obviously correctly marked because it matched the 50% markup on all the other cars) the sales man ran up to me and told me "Oh my God, this car is marked way too low", we can't sell it to you for this price. He runs off and this lawyer type comes out and says "Legally, I think we have to sell you this car for this price." Then the salesman comes back with this young kid and he's yelling at him for missmarking the car and saying they can't sell it for that. Then the owner comes out and says he has to go with the lawyer and they have to take the loss and sell it at that price. I just laugh and tell them that maybe their lame ass vaudville act will work on the next sucker. I started sending my friends to the dealership to see the show. They did the same lame ass show every time.

2002-08-23 12:39:35 ET

That sounds like fun

2002-08-24 23:14:20 ET

Ha ha.

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