2002-08-27 09:42:09 ET

Went bowling with kevin last night. I got really close to kicking his Arse but as always he HAS to win ... I'm just a big loser when it comes to playing games against him. We had fun though. We also had dinner at Earth Wind and Flour, a really good place to eat if you're into italian food. YUM

2002-08-27 11:43:23 ET

I think my best score was 87.

2002-08-27 13:41:49 ET

Kevin has sp00ky bowling powers. Its not natural, I tell you.

2002-08-27 21:02:03 ET

i max out at a 140, but i don't go lower than a 100, so i guess it's ok... but, i am used to getting my butt kicked..

2002-08-28 18:35:54 ET

I'm right there with you gryfin

2002-08-30 16:19:05 ET

i hate to play against people that always win, thats not fun. i love games but my one friend always whips my ass, i will not play against him anymore.

2002-08-30 16:45:22 ET

i have the same attitude regarding pool.

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