time for a change again ...
2002-08-30 14:54:14 ET

It seems the top of my hair refuses to be dark pink for more than a week .. because of this i have decided to change my hair to black yet Again. It just really annoying that within a couple of days the top of my head is an orangy blond. I'm told this is because I take to many showers. I'm sorry but i can't stand being stinky!! And if you're stinky I can't stand you either. So i have decided to keep the bangs Hot pink , dye the top layer of my head black and keep the bottom layer Hot pink as well since the coloring is so bright down there I don't have the heart to get rid of it . What do you think ??

2002-08-30 14:55:03 ET

stink or color? tough call ;-P


2002-08-30 14:57:24 ET

don't wash your hair everyday. i shower everyday but i put a pink polkadotted showercap to use :) it's NOT healthy to wash your hair everyday, especially if it's dyed like yours. i hate the greasies, so what i do is use gold's powder and put some in my hand and rub it into my hair like it was gel or something on my roots, or you can spray hairspray into your hair and then before it's dry blowdry it...the greasies will disappear. i dont know if you'll put these to use or not but they work like a charm!!

2002-08-30 14:59:25 ET

I don't really like putting things in my i.e hairspray, gel, mousse, leave in conditioner . But I'll think about it

2002-08-30 14:59:45 ET

I don't know about having it smell like golds powder....

2002-08-30 15:00:18 ET

it doesn't. haha. i probably should have added that.

2002-08-30 15:00:57 ET

i take it back, it might until you figure out how much to use, but there are always trial-and-errors when finding anything new to do to your hair.

2002-08-30 15:03:09 ET

yipes ! I work on people so i don't think smelling funky is a good idea. My head is really close to there's .. So you know
* "sniff sniff" ... Patient faints *
Don't want anything like that to happen

2002-08-30 15:04:46 ET

i remember the first few times i did the powder trick my hair looked white and i smelled minty. haha.

2002-08-30 15:11:04 ET

I use the Herbal Essences Fruit Fusions (For Color Treated Hair) and wash my hair more or less everyday...my hair fades *very* slowly. I dyed my bangs hair (hot pink) [not the color in my photos] about three and a half weeks ago, and they're still as bright as they were when I dyed them. What kind of dye are you using?

2002-08-30 15:12:42 ET

its Punky Colours

2002-08-30 15:17:53 ET

bald is beautiful :)

2002-08-30 15:20:53 ET

ack !!! i can't even imagine what i would look like bald

2002-08-30 15:22:48 ET

well try it...you might look even hotter.

2002-08-30 15:24:16 ET

i think my head is much to lumpy for bladness

2002-08-30 20:09:41 ET

Some people just don't have razor friendly heads.

2002-08-30 20:21:29 ET

Vixy, try one of the shampoos for coloured hair. True, its on Special Effects, not Punky, but with L'Oreal Color Vive (I think that's the one I use) my dye tends to hold on quite tenaciously, and I'm still getting people commenting on it, and I haven't dyed in soooooo long.

2002-08-30 20:23:48 ET

I tried L'oreal color vive and it left my hair feeling icky ,as if there was a thick layering of something on it . I discontinued using it after that . I just got back from the store and i bought the Herbal essence stuff.. My hair is also being dyed as we speak. To the style i mentioned above

2002-08-30 20:40:35 ET

Good luck!

2002-08-30 21:54:30 ET

*and* the HS stuff is honestly...the best smelling shampoo ever, with the exception of this strawberry shampoo i had from f&m once. i can still remember it. mmm. good luck with the new style!

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