2002-08-30 19:30:16 ET

Its settled , i will be buying my car this week , the will not be coming out of my own pocket but my uncles.. Which means he is paying for that baby in cash. This means I will be paying this money back sometime. I will be poor from this day forward . No more shopping !!! :`( I will have to get a full time job now :(

2002-08-30 19:33:01 ET

Shopping or car.

2002-08-30 20:46:33 ET

wow Vix, now that you are getting a car, you'll be able to shop way more!

2002-08-30 20:48:44 ET

I will , once i pay my uncle back . This is what i get for never saving any of my money

2002-08-31 01:33:56 ET

i am approximately $50 in debt at the moment...which sucks

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