2002-03-25 18:51:02 ET

i got this weird letter from new york today... all it was, was a newspaper page with a post it not with my name on it , that read " you have to see this ". Weird, no return address or anything .... nothing for me to see....
i feel dusty now .....dirty too

2002-03-25 18:56:55 ET

that is really ewird
what was on the newspaper page? any intereting articles?
when was it dated?

2002-03-25 18:58:07 ET

that is certainly strange...where is the post mark from? maybe that will help you figure out who its from

2002-03-25 19:00:41 ET

it is post marked from new york ... the newpaper page was about how to make money off the U.S government... the post mark date is March 22

2002-03-25 19:10:14 ET

how bizarre.

i wonder if this is some wacky new marketting ploy.

2002-03-25 21:01:16 ET

thats not wacky ... thats scary !!!!

2002-03-25 21:03:30 ET

well, yes. imagine the marketting guys who came up with such a ploy:

"i have this great idea to sell our product! we will send anonymous notes and newspaper clippings that hint at what our product will do. think about it! its even more genius than mlife!"

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