2002-09-12 19:52:56 ET

I hate when i am sewing something black with black threading especially in dim lighting .. Hard to see !!!

2002-09-12 20:19:16 ET


heh, watch out, don't pinch yourself!

2002-09-12 20:21:27 ET

*squint* (=_=)

2002-09-12 20:35:55 ET

putting on my glasses helps

2002-09-12 20:41:27 ET

i know. i almost sewed my fingers doing that... got some fingernail instead.. ;)

2002-09-12 20:47:43 ET

You'll be wondering the next day: "why do I have these threads stuck to my fingers?"

2002-09-12 20:48:18 ET

i sewed my fingers together once...but that was on purpose

2002-09-12 20:50:48 ET

are you using a machine.. or doing it by hand?

2002-09-12 20:58:18 ET

*pokes* OUCH!!

2002-09-13 12:08:17 ET

MAlk: I woke up this morning thinking that . j/k

Furdude: I used to like putting needles thru my skin and scaring my little brother. I used to love watching him cover his eyes and run off screaming . That was when he was 5 though :( It no longer works ...

Synth : by hand , I'd ruin my pantaloons if i did it with a machine. My mother has a machine , i'd ask her to do it , but she has theories about the holes and i don't want to hear them again !

DigiMon : ouch indeed ! luckily I have yet to poke myself . But who knows I'm not done with all my pants yet ;)

2002-09-14 18:46:59 ET

I was never very good with hand sewing. I always keep poking myself. Surprisingly, I am usually pleased with my end result.

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