2002-09-15 20:20:12 ET

My little brother has been walking around and saying " i need T.P for me bunghole" which i found to be very funny, since i have not heard in SO long. I then said "shut up numb nut" and he did....

2002-09-15 20:21:32 ET

You mean "butt munch". Don't you know your Beavis & Butthead quotes!!? Geez... :-P

2002-09-15 20:22:54 ET

NEW VIX PICS! I like :) Beavis and BUtthead are classic :)

2002-09-15 20:23:16 ET

No you see i have always called my little brother a numb nut. THAT had nothing to do with beavis and butthead.

2002-09-15 20:23:55 ET

Vasa: that actually is a really old pic maybe about almost 2 yrs old . I have no new pics :((((

2002-09-15 20:24:21 ET

How odd... we both put up posts about our siblings. Unluckily mine doesn't shut up when her tell her to. Luckily I don't live in the same city as her.

2002-09-15 20:25:24 ET

VIX, when I am in CALI next time I will have to meet you and "rape" you with my Digital Camera....muhaha!

2002-09-15 20:26:07 ET

I beat up on my little brother so he knows when to shut up . But after i beat him up I always hug him. I just don't want him to grow up being a wuss (he already is)

2002-09-15 20:26:45 ET

VASA I NEED NEW PICS . My webcam is total crap and so is my digicam now ... thats why there is nothing new up

2002-09-15 20:28:28 ET

My sister's a year and a half older than me. Sure I'm taller, but she could beat the snot out of me. She was always a big tough girl in school. I was/am a wuss.

2002-09-15 20:31:01 ET

My brother is a huge spoiled mama's Boy. He's a weener who cries over anything. I swear my mom need to lay down the law sometimes

2002-09-15 20:40:01 ET

i am cornholio! ;-P

2002-09-15 20:43:19 ET

VIX, buy dispoasable camera....take pictures..have them developed and get them on a KODAK photo CD or FLOPPY...problem solved

2002-09-15 20:46:09 ET

That is a good idea VASA i might just do that

2002-09-15 20:47:01 ET

well of course it was a good idea I said it...

shit dawg...I thought you knew about me....if you don't knw you bettah ask somebody....~snaps fingers and mvoes head in a Z~

go on girl

2002-09-15 20:48:46 ET


do you remember this sketch on in living color titled "men on film "

"three snaps a kiss and a twist "

2002-09-15 20:57:49 ET

it's MENZ on Film ~3 snaps and around the world~

2002-09-15 23:32:51 ET

hmmm yes

2002-09-19 10:42:09 ET

two snaps in a Big Circle....

he hee hehe..*fire* hehehe he hehe *fire*

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