2002-10-13 13:33:11 ET

So i bought a car today . As I needed one by this tuesday . My first car is a used ford focus. Not exactly the car I wanted but I think its a good start . At least it will get me around and it has a 5 yr warranty

2002-10-13 13:35:53 ET


2002-10-13 13:46:11 ET

i want either a focus or a echo.

not that i'm ever going to see either of those parked outside of my house but a girl can dream, cant she?

2002-10-13 19:02:19 ET

hey, that's not a bad little car there...
good luck with it! :-)

2002-10-13 19:05:47 ET

Thanks guys !
Yes it is a very nice car and I am especially pleased with the warranty. It is no Toyota Corolla but its just as good .

Skankin : Its fairly cheap to buy a car . You can either save up and buy it cash or just finance . You can do it , you don't have to "dream"

2002-10-13 20:00:34 ET

:-D aw thanks for the advice. i appreciate it!

2002-10-13 23:50:11 ET

Woo! Congrats on new mobile and new job Vixy!

2002-10-14 06:29:12 ET

Thanks Tashypooo !!!

2002-10-14 07:12:24 ET

If I was still in CA I'd be bugging you to use this newfound mobility to come out and visit me.

Its a little far to drive to Scotland though ;)

2002-10-14 07:29:42 ET

Yeah ... and cars can't float or submerge :(

2002-10-14 07:36:36 ET

I wanna go to Scotland. That's where Scrooge McDuck is from.

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