2002-10-14 20:01:02 ET

Tomorrow I start my new job. AT 8 AM !! I'm not used to being up that early.. I am going to be falling asleep ! HELP

hehehe . I hope everything goes well . I have to go dye my hair now .. I don't think faded red streaks look all that great

2002-10-14 20:03:56 ET

faded hair sucks!! i guess its a big day for the both of us tomorrow :) good luck

2002-10-14 20:04:57 ET

Thanks good luck to you too ! And remember RELAX and pretend no one is there

2002-10-14 20:06:41 ET

i will thanks*

2002-10-14 20:07:03 ET

I like to fade my hair before a Beauty Pagent..

2002-10-14 20:07:38 ET

beauty pagent?

2002-10-14 20:08:09 ET


2002-10-14 20:09:27 ET

he does that in his spare time

2002-10-14 20:09:35 ET

well Not really.. I was being spiteful, because I can be I suppose..

2002-10-14 20:09:44 ET


2002-10-14 20:11:31 ET


2002-10-14 21:14:07 ET

good luck and i hope you get heavy pockets

2002-10-15 17:54:53 ET

we will find out in two weeks how heavy my pockets will be

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