2002-10-19 19:57:19 ET

I AM SOOO bored. Someone talk to me !

2002-10-19 19:59:03 ET

SOOO hello.

2002-10-19 20:38:00 ET

Hi, how are you? I'm doing fine.

2002-10-19 22:49:07 ET

hey im bored too :P

2002-10-19 22:50:41 ET

you luser :P

2002-10-19 23:57:12 ET

it's sleepy time

2002-10-19 23:59:26 ET

if you're so bored then you should have went to citywalk with kevin so i could meet you guys!

2002-10-20 09:40:36 ET

Ummmmm . i was not bored on friday. This was written saturday.
Actually I mentioned going to him on friday but he didn't feel like it and it was kind of late already anyway So we both decided not to.
Undigit : have you started the great car search yet?

Axodude : When are we meeting up for din din, you loser ?

2002-10-20 18:08:31 ET

no, I havent but i will soon :/

2002-10-20 18:24:17 ET

Do you have an idea of what kind of car you want ?
I know I did , but it turned out differently, but I still got a great car !

2002-10-20 19:09:03 ET

im not sure, i kinda dont care that much... maybe a honda or toyota of somekind..hehe

2002-10-20 19:12:58 ET

POoo On HONDA, everyone and their mother has a honda !

2002-10-20 19:13:26 ET

Oh and make sure it comes with a CD player . That was the first thing i looked out for .. hehe

2002-10-20 19:22:37 ET

yeah i totally want one with a cd player
so i was talking to my dad today, i told him that we called AAA and we found out that my insurance will only be 450 a year!! my jaw dropped!

2002-10-20 19:23:42 ET

Wow thats awesome ! This is you being under his policy right ?

2002-10-20 19:24:57 ET

What? How did you pull that off?

2002-10-20 19:27:46 ET

yes, im going to be an add on!

2002-10-20 19:28:36 ET

I knew it ! CAll back and ask how much it would be for an 03 toyota corolla under you own policy, full coverage . You'll Die

2002-10-20 19:31:56 ET

heh! i know its soo expensive.
right now though im not planning on getting a new car.A used 90 91, toyota, so im okay with whatever! i just need to get to work :(

2002-10-20 19:36:38 ET

ack ! don't go that far back !
Go for like a 99 or a 2000 so you can get a good warranty

2002-10-20 19:41:49 ET

yeah ill see what's up! im going to look alot.

2002-10-21 09:09:52 ET

vix, ya missed out on flyday!

dinner will have to be in november...axo is damn busy!!! where to go? are you in the land of chinese foody goodness? I'll go to Din Tai Fung anytime but would love to explore new places.

2002-10-21 16:51:30 ET

You seem to know all the good places , I'm free all of Nov. except for the 14, 15 ,16 ,17 . I have to go to a seminar. So you can decide where to eat

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