2002-10-20 19:11:51 ET

There is a pennylane music store around the corner from the office where I work. This is bad news for moi. I working just to spend it all on CDs. I have probably gone there 3 times during this first week at work. And there is a starbucks across the street! And other clothing stores. I am going to be POOR !

2002-10-20 19:12:37 ET

Do you work in Melrose? That sounds like a very dangerous area for your paycheck!!

2002-10-20 19:12:39 ET

sounds like old town assa-deener.. where do you work?

2002-10-20 19:13:38 ET


2002-10-20 19:15:09 ET

Its off of Main street in Alhambra . In back of the new 2 story Tony Romas they just built . Pasadena would be ten times more dangerous !

2002-10-20 19:16:04 ET

Sin : I have been trying to ! 3 days out of 5 is not that bad

2002-10-20 19:16:46 ET

aww haha...don't bring that much money with you to work then

2002-10-20 19:17:34 ET

Very dangerous area for my paycheck especially since i have to give some sort of money to my uncle who bought my car . I gave him money today and he refused to take it , And i refused to take it back. He told me to put it into my bank account . I said "what the crap ! I just took it out of my bank account !"

2002-10-20 19:18:30 ET

Whats very cool about this office is that I don't have to bring money with me . They provide me with food and give me random amounts of money . This place rocks my socks !

2002-10-20 19:56:17 ET

Vix, just remember that StarBucks coffee sucks and you can record all your music off the radio. Save your money to spend on computer games!

2002-10-20 20:06:11 ET

The radio doesn't really play the music i listen too. And I have a thing about recording. I can't bring myself to do . I have to own the Actual CD . Its just not the same .

2002-10-20 20:14:32 ET

Yeah, go to Rockaway Records, Arons, or Amoeba, those are good.

2002-10-21 08:11:01 ET

gotta sit on your wallet and hands if need be...fight the urge...fight the urge!!!!
Of course, I can't really say as there are two coffee places and a used CD store as well as a big barnes and noble with smaller book haven near my job.

2002-10-28 09:20:49 ET

scary...I ate lunch at Wild Oats which has a Penny Lane across de street, and a starbucks too..this gothy rock gal from PL sat down to eat her AMPM hotdog (I'm eating sushi, heh) and we chatted about das scene and Halloween...but this was in Pasadeener, not Arhambla.

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