2002-10-21 17:33:29 ET

So i went to the arts and crafts store on sunday . I found the neatest things . I bought this pack of hair snaps shaped like bats . The box says it contains 2 styles , spiders and bats, but i only see bats . I also bought a pack of neat buttons. Its a pack of 9; 3 skulls, 1 spider, 1 spider web, 1 witches hat, 2 bats and 1 tombstone that reads "R.I.P". I don't like the following buttons : the skulls, spiderweb, witches hat . That is all

2002-10-21 17:36:28 ET

halloweenie! ;-P

2002-10-21 17:37:55 ET

i'll take the skull buttons. ;D

2002-10-22 04:01:17 ET

Neato Vixy! There isn't a whole lot of nifty Halloweeny stuff here :/. Most of it is pretty cheesy and aimed towards the kiddies.

2002-10-22 16:54:47 ET

I need to find a sweater so I can replace the buttons

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