2002-10-26 08:09:04 ET

Who wants to go to the mall with me ????

2002-10-26 08:14:42 ET

which mall?

2002-10-26 08:15:45 ET

glendale galleria

2002-10-26 08:16:59 ET

undigit n i were thinking of farting around the burbank mall [media city center?] today.. unfortunately i know that goddamn glendale galleria like the back of my corporate little hand

2002-10-26 08:19:16 ET

well , the burbank mall doesn't have alot of shit , so i figured the glendale galleria would keep me busy longer , and i have to buy "buisness dress apparel" whatever the fuck that means.. for the seminar I have to go to . SO i'll be lurking in the mall

2002-10-26 08:23:34 ET

I do! shop shop shop my troubles away!

2002-11-07 19:29:13 ET

I don't need a dress, but I love shopping!

2002-11-07 19:34:28 ET

lore, you need a dress

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