I need HELP !
2002-05-13 21:52:45 ET

My one yr anniversary w/ my B/f ( not with myself) Will be coming up soon. I need something amazingly fun /out of the ordinary thing to do in the LA county /orange county Area. Anyone have any suggestions??????

2002-05-14 10:25:08 ET

Hmmm....perhaps a wildly expensive dinner at some outrageously trendy resteraunt in which you both wear the oddest things the thrift shops never sold?
If not, authentic Italian food topped with hazlenut or vanilla cappuccino is bellissimo.

2002-05-14 14:14:59 ET


2002-05-14 14:16:12 ET

You like Scifi? I went to Forrest Ackerman's house once.


sea kayaking, I've never done that, it's supposed to be cool

you are all darklykultural yes? how about the Haunted Hollywood tour of all the cemeteries? ;)

wow, look at this: http://www.lanocturne.com/books/booksguides.shtml. Head to a bookstore, pick destinations, and go!

alternately you can drink a beer from each continent at Barney's Beanery...:P

2002-05-14 14:16:27 ET

hmm maybe a club isn't the thing i was looking for , but thanks anyway

2002-05-14 14:30:02 ET

THAnks AXO !!!!!

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