2002-05-14 13:20:22 ET


2002-05-14 13:22:36 ET

What?!?! What is it!?!?!?

2002-05-14 13:30:27 ET


2002-05-14 13:41:18 ET

*taps foot, kindly, but impatiently*

2002-05-14 13:50:29 ET


2002-05-14 13:56:31 ET

NO one answered my last post !

2002-05-14 14:01:34 ET

Oh, I don't live there so I would be clueless!

2002-05-14 14:20:49 ET

I never leave the house so I don't know anything cool to do!

And when I do leave the house we usually wander about aimlessly saying "I don't want to do the same old thing. What can we do?" and drive around until we finally end up doing one of the same old things.

2002-05-14 14:29:02 ET

I know exactly what you mean tasha
It always ends like that

2002-05-14 14:30:59 ET

Sad, it does, doesn't it.
I never leave my house, just when I need food and such.

2002-05-14 15:41:38 ET

only reason i didn't answer was because i had no idea whatsoever... sowwie :-\

2002-05-14 15:42:14 ET


2002-05-14 18:49:04 ET

This stinks! I don't want it to be boring

2002-05-14 19:10:16 ET

but you'll be there how could it be boring?! ;-P

2002-05-14 19:56:47 ET

I am the most boring person in the world, just look at my journal entrees

2002-05-14 20:04:30 ET

aww...but i can just look at your picture :-D

2002-05-14 20:20:48 ET

So my picture makes me fun ?

2002-05-14 20:44:26 ET

well, you're pretty :-P

2002-05-14 20:45:21 ET

Very pretty!!

2002-05-14 20:46:02 ET

thanks , i think :D

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