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2002-11-07 20:31:17 ET

L.A. sk.net mini-meet Nov 9

axolotl 2002-11-01 23:39:24

y0 my angeleno peeps,

I and Vix will be meeting up at Min's Kitchen on Saturday, Nov 9th for din din. Come und join us. Min's is rockin' good Thai food. Min has known me for, oh...20 years..and told me to bring all my pals, so let's go eat!

Min's Kitchen 1040 Foothill Boulevard
La Canada Flintridge, California 91011-3222 ph: 818.790.6074

We'll set a time and such (how about 7 pm) and figure out an after dinner plan if there are enough people, such as a movie, or bowlink, or if I can scrub the place down, movie night at the ax0pad...something nunb0i has mentioned, eh? :)t

2002-11-07 20:36:35 ET

I would go but that particular sat. is not good for me :( or else i would bring rust and predator along. Predator is working, Rust is held back for the weekend. geeezzz :/

2002-11-07 21:36:37 ET

Maybe we should roll this back . I really want to meet you and the rust. :(

2002-11-08 06:08:47 ET

Is this postponed then?

2002-11-18 20:58:15 ET

oh no, did i miss it?

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