2002-11-17 14:54:38 ET

I am back from a 4 day seminar.. The days were long.. NON STOP! I am so very tired . I'm going to pass out now.

2002-11-17 14:59:22 ET

*fluffs pillows for you* k.o. for vix

2002-11-17 17:16:57 ET

im tired too. :P

did you ever have the sk meet?

2002-11-18 09:42:28 ET

NO :(

and vix, your phone # don't work

2002-11-18 18:53:14 ET

wth it does too work ! did you dial 323 first ???

2002-11-18 19:32:51 ET


I just left a hoarse, lisping message on the Vixphone.

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