Axo Voice mail
2002-11-18 19:58:56 ET

recieved at 9:30 Pm ..

So called listhpy message was not listhpy at all..

I can type it out but its a bit pornographic. J/k I am also just plain lazy.

Oh Axo .. Feel better !!! take some anti biotics and drink lots of tea !

Sleep is still winning the race and I am far behind it .

2002-11-18 20:14:46 ET

he has left me wierd-axo messages as well....

2002-11-18 20:27:24 ET

axo-pr0n?! =-O

2002-11-18 20:28:31 ET

hehehhe, he wishes.

2002-11-19 09:40:05 ET

pr0nographic!!! ??? !!!!? ?!?!?!!@!111

i think not

2002-11-19 18:25:50 ET

I was only kidding !

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