2002-11-19 18:44:30 ET

i feel ugly today. I look in the mirror and I can't get over how i look like complete shit.. Something must be done.

2002-11-19 18:49:21 ET

I don't believe that you could look like shit. ;)

2002-11-19 18:49:35 ET

two words ...

Vix = FOXYC0R3


doncha' dare think or be told otherwise.

2002-11-19 18:54:09 ET

Hey, come on now. You're very pretty, don't say that!

2002-11-19 18:55:40 ET

I've been feeling ugly and unattractive. And my hair is shit .

2002-11-19 18:55:54 ET

I think its the hair thats making me feel this way

2002-11-19 18:56:24 ET

Your hair? I'm jealous of your hair.

2002-11-19 18:58:06 ET

Well my hair isn't the way it is in the picture anymore .. I was trying to let my bangs grow out as well as my hair . THose pics are from about 1.5 yrs ago. My hair is dry and at that length where you just can't do much with it.

2002-11-19 18:59:24 ET

Are you trying to grow it out?

2002-11-19 19:00:41 ET


2002-11-19 19:03:30 ET

I know how it feels to be stuck between one and the other. :/

2002-11-19 19:38:18 ET

We all have our days like that.. i know completely how you feel right now.

2002-11-19 19:49:01 ET

let me extend your locks! how do natural-ish burgundy dreads sound? eh? eh?

ok, it was a stretch, since i know you have a job to please

ps youre gorgeous, shutup. >_<

2002-11-19 19:50:35 ET

I would love to get extensions. I've been wanting to for a long time. But work is in the way :(

2002-11-19 19:54:39 ET

wear a rasta hat to cover them!(#$(@#$

or claim youre 1/16 black and its part of your heritage

2002-11-19 19:57:48 ET

LOL. I don't think they'd care. Even if i was black they would probably tell me to make it look neat

2002-11-19 20:29:25 ET

What about a fall???

2002-11-19 21:27:34 ET're pretty

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