2002-11-20 17:58:49 ET

I locked my keys inside my car :`(

2002-11-20 18:02:28 ET

I've done that also...and left the car running at the same time. I just meant to get out and use the phone, but after having stuff stolen from an unlocked car I have a habit of locking. How is that for embarrassing?

2002-11-20 18:02:59 ET

my mom used to do that CONSTANTLY...i think she's singlehandedly kept the locksmithing industry in business

2002-11-20 18:07:00 ET


2002-11-20 18:26:47 ET

damnit furax! you beat me to it! i was so gonna say 'doh!'

:next thing that comes to mind is nelson saying ha-ha: but im not that mean!

my friend keeps a spare key in his wallet for that purpose. it's come in handy

2002-11-20 19:11:58 ET


so did me and undigit


2002-11-20 19:13:17 ET

tragedy for you..

....mmm 242

2002-11-20 19:14:05 ET

tragedy >for you< , you mean :P

2002-11-20 19:14:56 ET

i didnt mean it to be, untill i read it again and then thought mmmm 242.

2002-11-20 19:15:07 ET


2002-11-20 20:00:41 ET

i didn't leave them in the ignition though. I left them on the seat . I'm a retard ! The car is at work . I'm calling triple A in the morning

2002-11-30 16:06:17 ET

My friend always locks his keys in his car and I tease him about it. So we went somewhere and I told him not to lock his keys in his car, so he pulled them out of the ignition and zipped them into his jacket pocket, got out of the car, realized it was hot, took off his jacket and tossed it in the car and close the door.

Seriously, I did it once and have carried a spare in my wallet ever since. I also keep a spare at home just to be extra safe. It's like $85 for a locksmith with the AAA discount last time I checked.

2002-11-30 16:11:07 ET

i got drunk at the club one night and left my apt keys in the booth when i left. took the bus home got home reached for my keys and realized they were still at the club. had to climb up the tree in the backyard to get to our apt on the second story, jump onto my deck, and jimmy open our sliding glass door.

god i am an idiot sometimes.

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