2002-11-30 11:17:06 ET

There is hail outside my window.

2002-11-30 11:22:14 ET

Yikes! I hope it is not as big as golf balls!

2002-11-30 11:24:40 ET

i think hail is better then sleet...sleet stings like a mo fo

2002-11-30 11:25:07 ET

no . More like tiny pebbles

2002-11-30 11:25:35 ET

well , i haven't seen hail in L.A. Since i was about 12 .

2002-11-30 11:34:46 ET

oh wow...
all my snow melted.
it's hot for november here.
i thought alaska was cold.

2002-11-30 11:45:00 ET

none here! but thunder just cracklied

2002-11-30 11:49:21 ET

i got thunder and lightning ! beat that !

2002-11-30 16:07:13 ET

Hail! Boy I'm glad I'm not in LA... oh wait... uh oh! *hides*

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