2002-05-19 21:10:58 ET

I have just realized that i have yet to buy anything for my b/f for our anniversary , I have a week ....
These sort of things are terribly hard for me. I'm not good with gifts. I've never had to buy anyone anything for an anniversary. I'm a bit stumped..... I have 5 days to find something , and only one of those 5 days will be available for me to look for something , This stinks

2002-05-19 21:13:31 ET

Tell Ausp I said .... Happy Anniversery Citizen (sea monkeys). Congrats Vixx. I think you should get him a thong or something sexy... or not. Buy him a small third world country for all I care... just get him a gift!

2002-05-19 21:16:18 ET

buy him...umm...no clue...i never had an anniversary :-\

2002-05-19 21:40:38 ET

buy him porn.

then glue your face on everyone of the pics

2002-05-19 21:41:31 ET

LOL , thanks doomy

2002-05-20 07:38:48 ET

I like the porn idea....but other than that, I have no clue. All I can think of is getting him something he needs around the house, or a book (or something to that effect) that he was eyeing, even casually.

2002-05-20 20:48:55 ET

You, in wrapping paper, with a big bow on your head.

2002-05-21 09:30:24 ET

I think taking people out is often cooler than material things. the ol' make some coupons for cool activities is a winner every time. Like, I remember being taken out to dinner and to see the reissue of Star Wars (A New Hope, that is) as a very nice anniversary date.

I also think that making something (I know, no one has time) is great, like a drawing.

barring that there are always shops on Melrose :)

2002-05-21 09:39:35 ET

Ax o : we are also going out . We are spending the whole day together :D

2002-05-21 10:40:57 ET

cool! :) you iz good to yo man!

2002-05-21 14:06:26 ET

I can't wait until I hit the year mark with my BF *le sigh* :)

2002-05-21 14:38:05 ET

My man is good to me

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