2002-12-14 15:43:51 ET

Had lunch with Snarf . Of course we went to his favorite place CARLS JR. I couldn't believe he only ordered a famous star. I had a superstar.. hehehe. I also got to meet his girlfriend. She so cute ! We took some pics in front of the panda at panda express.

2002-12-14 16:11:18 ET

I like carls jr.

i havent had it in ages.

its called Hardy's here.

2002-12-16 05:58:40 ET

I brought a $6 burger to eat on the airplane.
It was sooo good.
I was thinking about saving the whole thing until I was home and slowly cherishing it but it would have been nasty after all that time. Hope to see you again soon! And Ausp ;)

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