the Fed ex man always rings once.........
2002-05-21 14:43:27 ET

I am waiting for the FED ex man , why is that when you order something and pay for second day delivery , you don't get it the second day ???? Am I confused about the whole process , or is it just the Fed ex sucks ass ?

2002-05-21 14:45:06 ET

yep, fed ex sucks ass.

2002-05-21 14:49:26 ET


2002-05-21 18:21:54 ET

FED EX sucks.. I always trust the United States Postal Service..
They have to work hard for their business so they are usually better at service..

2002-05-21 18:22:38 ET

The company sent it FED ex , this is my first experiance with Fed ex actually

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