2002-12-29 20:16:18 ET

Does anyone in LA know of anything cool going on NYE ????

2002-12-29 21:10:37 ET

Me and Robert were wondering the same thing.

This might sound pathetic but we might go to the dungeon special event that's going on.

2002-12-29 21:12:21 ET

2002-12-29 21:15:00 ET

that's something I would much rather do

2002-12-29 21:15:04 ET

hmmm ... i can't say i really like dungeon

2002-12-29 21:15:47 ET

I've never been a big fan either. But it's a last resort.

2002-12-30 09:07:01 ET

I'm probably gonna go to a private party, but I'm tempted by the coven 13 thing (http://www.clubcoven13.net) and the vault thing too. Of course, most tempting is staying home and watching Dick Clark's rocken New Years while I'm in an AOL chatroom!

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