2003-01-04 12:21:43 ET

GOD , can be anymore bored than this . I need something to do . NOW

2003-01-04 12:32:42 ET

ha! Poor Vix.

2003-01-04 12:35:54 ET

Go play yahoo games!

2003-01-04 12:43:48 ET

I'm going on a "MAD " shopping trip now. Its the only way to make myself feel better . I know this .

2003-01-04 13:01:03 ET

Might I suggest you play video games. It's a safe effective way to rid yourself of your entire life. Oh wait you just want something to do...

2003-01-04 13:02:47 ET

Heheheh , I play video games all the time . I've found that lately they've been giving me head aches ..so... I don't play as often . Besides i need a new pair of boots and shoes . And possibly some pants

2003-01-04 13:05:15 ET

Who needs shoes when you got boots? They're bigger and faster and stronger.


Oh and PANTS.

I like pants.

2003-01-04 13:07:15 ET

shoes are good especially when you wear high water pants with fishnets underneath. I'm looking for something really girlish . As for the boots I'm just getting a replacement for my old grips. My poor babies fell apart:( I too enjoy pants .

2003-01-04 13:37:13 ET

Oh Gripfast boots. Those are so fancy. I own 2 pair. My old ones are really on their last, er leg. Theres a big split along the top but they have lasted for somethign like 3-4 years now.

2003-01-04 13:40:06 ET

Go shopping!!!!!!! Heh. (you may not want to listen to me as I'm a shop-a-holic)

2003-01-04 13:45:46 ET

So am I ...... I think i'll be going to Glendale and maybe oldtown. Not sure , But i'm leaving now if I expect to get anything done .
Lore : take me with you to london !!!!!!!!

2003-01-04 15:57:21 ET

you could always do the boy *snicker*

2003-01-04 16:48:48 ET


2003-01-04 19:26:14 ET


2003-01-04 19:27:00 ET

The Kevster!

2003-01-04 22:43:25 ET

So i didn't go buy my shoes . I will tomorrow though . I ended up going to toys R us and Target and then IHOP . I'm SOOOO nice to take my brother places, like the good sister that I am when I'm bored.

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