Fun fun fun
2003-01-05 20:15:59 ET

went shopping with axo at ARMANI * barf *
axo actually got some cool clothing and i got to play fashion consultant . I also helped him score. hehehehe. I kinda pressured him into giving this girl his # and she said she would give him a call !! Giddyness followed after that. we walked around some more and bought some CD's I won't say what axo bought. I'll let him tell you. We then had yummy italian food and went went home. Its nice to go out with people who actually shop!

2003-01-05 20:20:01 ET

i went shopping with axo too...i'm a horrible shopper...i speed through the store and if nothing catches my eye then i'm fleeing ... out like light

2003-01-05 20:22:46 ET

speed shopping rocks!

2003-01-05 20:25:31 ET

i'm a pro at it...and i find good stuff too. i know what i want. no need to dawdle and wonder about what im buying :-P

2003-01-05 20:28:52 ET

I will speed through a store. Remember what's interesting. Go home and do some research on the internet, then pick it up on my next turbo trip through the store, or talk myself out of it.

2003-01-05 21:06:32 ET

hmm i dont like shopping with my dad. he hovers

2003-01-05 21:09:28 ET

I'll give my version of the evening in a second. ;) <3 Vix

2003-01-05 21:15:52 ET

yay !

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