I'm in PAIN
2003-01-18 18:30:08 ET

Today was the day we all went into the office and had whatever work we needed on ourselves done. yay......
I got a brite smile treatment. My cheeks and lips were sore after being proped open for about 1hr 1/2, which seemed like an eternity! when they took the retractors off, my bottom lip was shaking. I was okay after that. So I went home and feel asleep... I woke up at about 5 and that's when I felt it. My teeth are so sensitive right now :( It hurts when they touch or I breath. I'm never doing this again !! But on the brite side, my teeth are pretty white !

2003-01-18 18:45:19 ET

Ah, such torments we suffer for our holy grails! Stay strong, oh afflicted sister!

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