2002-03-28 20:43:32 ET

I have nothing really important or exciting to write about .. I knew this would happen .... * pout*
* sigh * my life is so boring... such is ..
bunnies (start with the ears )
chicks (always start with the little tail )

2002-03-28 20:51:05 ET

bite the ears off the chocolate bunny then stuff it with peeps!!! ...that's what i do anyway

2002-03-28 20:58:27 ET

OH GOD , that sounds fuckin good * drools*

2002-03-28 21:06:39 ET

hehehe!!! it IS!!

2002-03-28 21:30:17 ET

Start with the ears, then the feet. Make some smores as it still alive, tourture it, its the closes thing to Candy murder/chocolate cannibalism you can get to. THEN, take the PEEPs and boil them alive while eating the bunnies.

2002-03-29 12:42:25 ET

wouldn't that make the sugar on the peeps turn black ???????

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