2002-05-27 21:23:56 ET

why is it that when i try to upload pics on here they come out so blurry??
I have so many pics to share , damnit !!!

2002-05-27 21:28:19 ET

a vixxx post!!!

aww...you should share! :-P
we (i mean "i") want to see!


2002-05-27 21:31:59 ET

i think you have seen most of my pics *shrugs* a LONG time ago

2002-05-27 21:36:53 ET

but you should put them here anyway ;-)

2002-05-27 23:08:42 ET

awwww nooooo!!!!! The masses want you to share!!!!!
Must find a way to help Vix........

2002-05-28 11:15:55 ET

Masses = 2 people

2002-05-28 11:31:46 ET

nah, there are more, they're just shy. ;)

2002-05-28 13:11:14 ET

but we're so famous we count as many anyway ;-P

2002-05-28 22:27:34 ET

I also think Vixy should bring more of her beauty to the web!

2002-05-28 22:30:47 ET

...do we have to start a petition?

2002-05-28 22:32:41 ET

Where do I sign!

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